Forge On - Ship Construction 026 (New Ship Generation)

Procedural ship generation for the enemy ships! I'm considering adding a function to do this for the player as well; it would get people up and running pretty quickly.

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Forge On Combat 010 (New Enemy Ships)

Exploration followed by combat with new AI / Enemy ships. Enemy ships are procedurally generated, had to get that working again with the new build system. Might post a video about that in the near future here I like how they turned out. Thinking about adding a random function for the player too (at least for the next build).

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Forge On - Exploration 002 (More POI)

Starting to get a feel for what the primary exploration game-play might feel like! Check it out. Starting to shape up well. Still need to get some more diversity both in the placement and asteroids.

A big chunk of this week was spent making sure the placement/generation of objects doesn't adversely affect the frame-rate. So far so good!

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Forge On - POI 004 (Fully Procedural Asteroids)

I was hoping to get more "stuff" in the area generation this week but it turns out I needed to do build infrastructure to get that to work correctly.  Got that done though so hopefully next week.

 In the mean time:

 Check out the procedural generation of the asteroid meshes.  Shouldn't have to worry about exploring the same asteroid twice!

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Forge On - Exploration 001 (LOD System)

Demonstration of the Levels of Detail, smooth loading and the start of something... big.

 Starting to populate the areas around planets. Right now it's fairly linear but I hope to have something more interesting soon. The asteroids shown are procedurally generated without any framerate loss. Pretty happy with that. Hope to get more in there this coming week.

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